Success Story of a Struggling Car Maker


One of the largest car manufacturers of the world wanted to write a new success story in the passenger market after struggling for more than seven years of time. The car market was growing on a regular basis but the market share of the company was at the same position even after offering competitive prices as well as exciting features. OEM then contacted to ACG for the proper identification of the reason along with the expected solution in this regard for the purpose of gaining market share.

Our Methodology:

Here we divided the project into some of the key areas and then created the matrix for each of the parameters. After doing a clear and complete qualitative as well as quantitative analysis, we found the exact reasons behind the fact of the low customer acceptance of the brand under study. 

Our Approach:

We have clearly defined in detail the complete buying behavior of the customer to the client. In addition to this, we have properly identified the capability along with the need of each of the target segments. Most importantly, we have very carefully analyzed each and every point regarding each of the segments along with their specific requirements in detail. We have very closely worked with all of the cross-functional teams as well as customers with the aim of achieving an improvement in the result-oriented process. Moreover, we have created a new product strategy and brand strategy as a suggestion for the brand.

The Result:

The use of the new product strategy and brand strategy has helped the company in increasing its market share in three segments. In addition to this, the company also registered double-digit growth in the sales which clearly indicates the new success story of the company after a lot of struggle.