Product Strategy and Go To Market blueprint

One of the largest European Truck manufacturers desired to get into the Indian Commercial vehicle market. The company thus wished to create the most effective product portfolio. Autobei Consulting group, being the leading consulting group in creating an effective portfolio for business, this company contacted ACG to study the customer experience, application of the Truck, Logistics market, Driver experience, Product gap, and TCO Analysis. ACG has done a very detailed analysis and considered multiple factors that can influence the success of the firm.

We have also studied the competitor's product portfolio, their position, customer demand, and mapped them to the future market dynamics. After analyzing all, we generated the blueprint for the product portfolio in 4 different phases based on the market dynamics and company strategies. We also designed the marketing plan for newly launched products. Additionally, we suggested schemes and plans of action for a product launch addressing the most suitable applications, targeted customers based on different categories (Large, and Medium fleet owners), and proposed360 a degree marketing plan along with budgeting. In just 3 years, these Original Equipment Manufacturers turned into an effective player in the field of the Indian truck Industry.