Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy


Brand reputation can be monitored by reviewing how various factors are perceived among the population. First and foremost, the company’s image is evaluated by seeing what the market thinks about the value proposition.

Once the company is reviewed, the next step involves reviewing perception of the particular product. Identify what the market thinks about the product. Ask if the needs of the customer are being met with the introduced product. If not, ask if there is a way to improve or modify the product to better suit the customer’s needs.

Customer Experience is another major stepping stone. Through after-sales reports and complaints, the customer experience perception is reviewed.

Another major aspect of this is the stakeholders’ perception. The company needs to review if they are happy with the decisions of the company. If not, nest steps have to be taken to understand and rectify the situation and faults, if any.

Last but not the least, crucial information on what the market thinks about the competitor is highly significant.