Introduction of the Fuel card

The Situation:

One of the largest petrochemical companies had plans of opening a strategic fuel station for commercial vehicles in PAN India with the option of a Fuel card. The customers already had a very bad experience in the previous years with the name of the brand. The company had opened fuel stations a few years ago but then shut it down. Now, again the company wanted to re-enter the same space but this time it planned new offerings along with a big investment plan as well. The company contacted ACG and they wished to create the blueprint of the company for the purpose of entering into the market.

Our Approach:

For the creation of the road map, we conducted the biggest survey for the purpose of understanding the pulse of the buying behavior of the fleet owners. We carefully mapped the outcome of the survey so conducted with the offerings of the company. On desk research, we conducted an assessment of the various components of the market such as the size of the market, forecast, strategic location for establishing the fuel station, analysis of competitors, how to develop a good connection with the customers and changing of brand perception. Now, based on a detailed analysis of all the components, we created the most appropriate business strategy.


The company became one of the top players in the business of Fuel card. The market share of the company increased by 5 % in the first year, 8 % in the second year and 10 % in the third year thereby indicating the success of the company.