Electric Vehicle Entry Strategy - Chinese, European, and Indian

ACG assisted more than 10 Electric Vehicle Manufacture to create Entry and Business Strategy for the Indian EV market. The objective of the market study is to reveal the market analysis and entry strategies on whether Chinese, European, and Indian OEM (Exiting & New OEM) can set foot in India. 

Client Result 1: EV Entry Strategy

The Chinese Original Equipment Manufacturers, upon noticing the poor air quality index in India, decided to establish a healthy bond with the Indian automotive Industry. They have a rich product portfolio for electric Two-wheelers, Electric Cars, and electric buses. In order to enter into the Indian EV market, they asked us to provide market analysis and entry strategy to bloom in the Indian automotive sector. We carried out a detailed study on the demanding purpose of Electric Vehicles in India and the strategies for Chinese Original Equipment manufacturers to enter the Indian market.

Client Result 2: EV Sales and Marketing Strategy

The Indian Government shall open opportunities for many Chinese Original equipment manufacturers to establish a footprint in India, standard automotive companies here in India are exorbitant. Thus, enabling many startup companies to take up the opportunity and establish a healthy bond with Original Equipment manufacturers. One of the known automotive groups has planned to manufacture its own Electric Two wheeler. Since they didn't have enough knowledge about the Electric Vehicle Market and the process in manufacturing, they approached ACG for complete business planning. From market analysis to sales and after-sales, everything was analyzed. They desired to see immediate revenue increase thus convincing the investors on ROI to create healthy financial bonding. To meet their expectations, we included the risks, opportunities, and challenges an Electric two-wheeler would face in the Indian automotive market. We chose the customer segment and analyzed facts that revealed they can sell a minimum of 50 + Electric scooters in a single deal. We assisted them to find the source for EV components and assisted them to access market strategies.

Client Result 3: EV Business Planning

Comparatively stating, the Indian automotive sector is in demand of EVs. The Govt of India has clearly stated the need for Electric Vehicles. This is initiated for two main reasons. One is to look after the security of National energy and the other is to control vehicular pollution. We have analyzed every specific fact available in the Indian automotive sector. The detailed analysis includes product portfolios of different domestic manufacturers, their city-wise volume, trend, and their growth forecast based on the success they've shown in the past decade. We've examined the cost structure of competitors in the same field. We created a detailed data structure on how to replace the current fleet with an electric one. The proposed plans and analysis reveal there's a possibility to run a cost-effective business. The manufacturers are ready to build Electric Cars and other commercial vehicles too. This demand will be at a high peak for the next two decades in India. A company has contacted ACG to help them create Product planning and to do the basic competitor analysis along with model-wise cost analysis. This in return will help the EV component suppliers to decide on specifications and price.